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Sell My House Spokane

When you finally make the decision to sell your Spokane home, you have the choice of either getting your property listed by a realtor or obtaining the services of a cash investor. Selling through real estate agents is the traditional way of selling homes and the only one that some people are aware of. While realtors have been with us for centuries, there are reasons why they might not be the best choice and why you are better of dealing with a cash investor.  Sometimes you’ll want to sell a home in a private and confidential manner.

If you are going through a tough period in your life (probably occasioned by a bitter and embarrassing divorce) the last thing you want is have your neighbors and so-called friends discussing your affairs at the slightest excuse. You can never hope to keep your sale private if you go through a realtor. Your property will have to get listed and, thereafter, you’ll have to deal with streams of strangers who come to view it. If you are already stressed by the circumstances that made you decide to sell, such visits can only make the situation worse.

When you deal with a cash investor from Sell My House Spokane, your dignity is maintained. There’ll be no strangers entering your private places and turning them inside out. With a cash investor the entire sale is conducted in a private and confidential manner and nobody else need ever know that you are selling. You might have bought your own home before coming into some new property (probably through inheritance). While you might consider yourself lucky to get such additional property, with time you might realize that maintaining such property strains your finances. 

If the property is old, you can expect to spend a substantial amount of money on annual maintenance costs. Faced with such a situation, most people prefer to sell such properties. And when you choose to sell, you want to do it as fast as possible because you’ll have to foot the maintenance bills for the entire period that the property remains unsold.


Cash offers


Don’t give a real estate agent and loan officer your hard earned equity.  Let us buy your house without the middle man involved.  Pocket all of your cash and avoid the torture of sitting through all that paperwork wondering if the buyer is going to back out or how many more weeks it will take.

Easy Terms


If you have ever bought or sold a house you know how time consuming and frustrating the process can be.  We make it very simple to follow and easy when it comes to closing.  It doesn’t get any easier than the sell my house process we create for you.

Little Paperwork


Yes you’re reading that right, we will take care of all the paperwork.  In the past the loan officer that so happily helped you did the paperwork but the catch is they were charging you dearly for it.  We eat the cost of doing the paperwork to put more money in your pocket.

Fast Close


Again, unlike the traditional way of  buying and selling a house our process won’t take several weeks or months.  Sometimes we close in as little as three days.  No more sitting around waiting for something to fall through, we got your back.

If you listed your undesired property with a realtor, you can expect (with lots of good luck) to take several months before making a sale. When you sell to a real estate cash investor on the other hand, you’ll be able to sell the property in a matter of hours (or a few days). You not only get your cash almost instantly but you can now say goodbye to all the stressful bills that you had to deal with in the past. Since cash buyers buy a property “as is” you do not have spend a dime on repairs, re-paintings or decorations.  When asked to choose between a cash home buyer and a realtor, most people find it prudent to choose the former. Selling through a cash investor is not only private and fast but also helps you overcome the many hassles that people encounter when selling homes.

The traditional method of selling houses by listing with an agent is wrought with hassles and could be time-consuming. These are the hassles you avoid when we sell your house. We pay CASH for your home and do not just list it. We are local, reputable, experienced and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Every year, we purchase over 200 properties. Looking for a customized solution?

We can help you sell your Spokane house quickly and without any headache. The process doesn’t have to be something you wake up with cold sweats over.  Please give us a call and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can tailor a solution.

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We Pay More Than Others


Because of the large number of homes we buy our closing and contractor fees are much less than others.  This allows us to pay you more money for your home, more into your pocket.

You Don't Make Repairs


We are already investing a large chunk of money into your home when we purchase it from you.  Paying for the repairs is just something we are used too, all houses need them.

Close on your Time


Paying with cash and keeping the banks out of the deal allow the closing to happen very quickly.  But if you need more time to pack and find another place, we got your back no worries.

We Offer Cold Hard Cash


The ole saying Cash Is King is more true today than it ever was in the past.  Having cash allows us to bypass the fees the loan brokers and banks are used to charging.  Our process is simple.


Step 1 - Contact Us Phone or Email


Step 2 - Make an Appointment

Step 3 - Receive an Offer

Step 4 - Close on Your Home

  • Clear & Straightforward Terms – Our Terms are simple and completely jargon-free ensuring an easy to understand process. 100%
  • No Fees – There are no Title or Closing costs to worry about and the entire process will cost you nothing. 0%
  • We take care of the Paperwork – House-selling paperwork can be time consuming and tedious, not anymore. 100%
  • No Repair Cost – When we sell your house we sell it as it is – You therefore do not need to clean or make any repairs. 0%
  • Quick Closure – Our process is fast and we can close in as few as 3 days. It’s also very easy to understand. 100%




Facing a dire situation such as the ones listed below?  We can still help!


  • Death in your family
  • Liquidate Assets
  • Financial Trouble
  • Code Violations
  • Bad Location
  • Needs Repairs
  • Late on Mortgage
  • Inherited Property
  • Job transfer
  • Job Loss
  • Run Down Home
  • No Equity
  • Bad Tenants
  • Relocation
  • Fire Damage
  • Expired Listing
  • Divorce
  • Military Transfer


To get your offer, callus now!

  1.  You fill out the form above
  2. We call you – After receipt of your form we’ll call you within 24 hours to arrange for a meeting and to view your property.
  3. We make a cash offer – After viewing your property and understanding your needs we’ll make a no-obligation cash offer. You’ll incur no commissions or other fees and, since we buy your home “as is”, you need not worry about repairs. You also make the decision on when we close.
  4. Choose to accept or decline our cash offer – Should you find our offer reasonable, we close the deal immediately.  Should you decline our offer, we’ll still work with you to find an alternative solution.


Selling your home does not mean that you have to move right away. While you search for a new home to move to, we’ll let you stay in your home even after we’ve purchased it. If you need cash up front to buy a new home, we’ll give it to you and allow you enough time to make your move. With over 10 years experience in buying homes, we are sure we can help you regardless of your situation. To get your cash offer, please give us a call.

Free Consultation – (509) 228-7921