Selling a house could prove troublesome and time-consuming. But when you entrust this crucial task to us, you can be assured of a perfect solution. We’ll not only give you a fair cash price but also close quickly. We can seal the deal within 48 hours or work within your time frame. You’ll pay no closing fees, real estate commissions or any other fees. With over ____ years’ experience, we are able to quickly evaluate your property and offer an instant solution. Once you accept our cash offer, the transaction is handled quickly, professionally and confidentially.

How different are you from real estate agents?

We are not real estate agents but real estate investors. We therefore do not list real estate but buy it. We also do not charge any commissions and after viewing your property we’ll give you a fair upfront cash offer so that you immediately know how much your property will fetch.

Real estate agents usually list the property they are selling and also charge selling commissions. Once listed, the property could take months (or even years) to sell! Moreover, to improve the property’s appeal, real estate agents might require you to repair and repaint it and this might involve a prohibitive cost on top of wasting your precious time. You’ll be required to keep the property permanently spotless and have to deal with the stress of dealing with strangers who come to view it.

Every offer will require the presence of an inspector and an appraiser and you should not be too surprised if every visit results in the demand for additional repairs, re-paintings, etc. These are the kind of problems you avoid when you let you us buy your property. To get a fair price for your property and to settle the matter quickly, please fill the form or call us on

How Fast can you buy my home?

We have both the resources and experience to purchases your property in as little time as 48 hours. We also offer customized solutions and will therefore work within your time frame doing our best to offer a solution that addresses your unique needs.

Will you Buy my House if it needs Repairs?

Certainly! We buy a house “as is” and you therefore need not worry about repairing, repainting or even cleaning!

Charge for Commission and Fees?

Zero! Unlike real estate agents, our services cost you nothing and you’ll not pay a coin for commissions or any other fees.