Facing Foreclosure

When you are in foreclosure, what options do you have?
Foreclosure presents special challenges but we have the experience to deal with all the timing and other issues that foreclosure might present.  When foreclosure commences, selling a home becomes more difficult. The situation might become irredeemable when you reach the foreclosure date and that is why it is important to take quick action. Delay might mean that we’ll be unable to help.
To get immediate help, call us and we’ll provide a professional, confidential and no-obligation solution.


Facing Bankruptcy

Selling your home when you are facing bankruptcy might prove near-impossible especially when you have to deal with a host of legal issues including dealing with bankruptcy trustees. Fortunately, we possess both the resources and experience to provide the ideal customized solution to address your unique needs.  To get an immediate solution give us a call today.

Late on Your Mortgage

When you wish to sell your home but have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, the situation can get utterly complicated and time is of the essence as you must try to sell your home before foreclosure commences. Luckily, we are still able to provide a solution in such situations. To forestall a foreclosure, get in touch with us and we’ll provide a tailor-made solution.

Expired/Expiring Listing

To lure property sellers, some real estate agents sometimes make unreasonably high listing offers. The intention in such situations is to actually get the seller locked into a listing agreement. As the listing expiry date approaches (probably after several months) the agent might then approach you demanding that you carry out repairs or, worse still, try to talk you into accepting a lower price.
We are different. We give you an immediate and straight forward cash offer and then let you make your mind.

Dealing with Bad Tenants

Are you having trouble dealing with your tenants?

Trouble with tenants can come from myriad sources – you could face lawsuits, have your property vandalized, have no tenants on your property or incur prohibitive maintenance costs among others. Without exaggeration, tenant trouble could easily empty your bank account. Should you be experiencing these kinds of tenant troubles, we can help. You might have neither the time nor energy to evict the tenants you do not want and might even lack the kind of money necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance. Since we buy property as it is, you need not worry about either evicting the tenants or carrying out repairs – we’ll handle all that immediately enabling you to sell your property quickly and in a hassle-free way.